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Memorizing President Facts

So, I got this nice new site up here, but I might not be able to make any serious posts on it for now. You see, school has me memorizing all the presidents and random facts about each of them (Did you know Chester Arthur played the banjo? Or that Calvin Coolidge’s goose starred in a Broadway play? What about the fact that potato chips were invented during Franklin Pierce’s term?).

Oh, I can already hear it: “Well, obviously you learned something if you can spout off those random facts.” Maybe I did. But I guarantee I’m going to forget it all within a week, and plus, where am I actually supposed to use any of this in life?

Boss: Josh, I need to know which Presidential family had all its family members own their own pair of stilts!

Josh: What?

Boss: You heard me right. Let’s go.

Josh: How would I know that!? Why are you always asking me these weird questions!? I’m tired of them!

Boss: Did you say “you’re fired”? You are so right.

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