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Ratings and Writers

Out of 10 is the best rating system in my opinion. It gives you 10 varied choices that aren’t obscure in their meaning, which is why it is going to be used here in Frayed Wire.

A 10 will not mean perfection, for nothing is truly perfect. Instead a 10 will represent the reviewer’s highest recommendation. That is one of the problems I have with the out-of-100 system – you feel like it is wrong to give something a 100 since 99 other choices were available. As if some who handed out the best score possible was ignorant or stupid. But why use a system that prevents you from using some of its numbers? But why not use an out-of-5 system? Well, that’s not to bad itself, but there really aren’t enough choices, in my opinion.

Now there might be added aspects to this out-of-10 system. Perhaps we will use categories to score things. For example, we could go IGN-style and give 5 different categories scores and then decide an overall score for the product (not an average), or we could find the average of those 5 scores, or some other way of scoring. Either way, I’ll discuss this with the other writers of this blog once they join up (and yes, they are definitely coming).

What will be added for sure is an “Editor’s Choice” award. When a reviewed product reaches a certain high score (maybe a 9?), it will be given a nice little logo on the post that shows we highly recommend it. We’ll also try not to just review things we like, but occasionally take chances with reviewing things that could end up being bad or just mediocre. What won’t be mediocre however, is the talent of the people writing this blog! I’ve got a bunch of people I’d like to ask to help, and you can too if you want! Just send me an email and a sample of your writing, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to join!

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