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Reading “The Golden Compass”


By Friday next week, I have to have an entire project completed on the book, “The Golden Compass”. So far, I have maybe 250 pages to go, and all 14 questions to answer. It’s a good book, but a long one too. Maybe I should stop writing stuff on here and get going!

The movie came out a while ago, so it’s almost to DVD. I never saw it, but I would like to once I’ve finished the book. I hear the ending is dissappointing, like it follows the book too closely and forgets it needs to chop things down to a 2 hour movie, so it just kind of ends. Is it No Country For Old Men bad with this ending? Who knows. Well, you might but I sure don’t.

With all movies, there comes a really crappy video game. I realize it probably sucks. I know the “Golden Compass” story doesn’t work as a game. But I still want to give it a shot. And seriously, my Xbox 360 Gamerscore needs all the help it can get at the moment.

So yeah, a book review (and game review!?) may be in order once it’s all said and done. Look for it.

By Josh60502

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