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Going Away For the Weekend…

Those shiny new posts may have to wait, because this weekend I’m going to Kalahari. However, I might be seeing Be Kind, Rewind today, so a review of that in the near future is a possibility.

I did however add a good friend of mine (known on WordPress as Snargle) an author for this site, so maybe he’ll post something for you. Why hasn’t his icon showed up in the sidebar yet? I don’t know… maybe it’s because he hasn’t posted anything yet.

Three additional people have expressed interest in writing for this site. One of them will not be posting things himself but rather sending his writings to us to post in his name. He’ll probably end up being our resident Halo expert, but that’s just a guess; I’m not really sure what kind of content he wants to post. The other two are more Nintendo oriented, and I know that one of them wants to write a review on Super Mario Galaxy. None of those three are officially writers for the site yet, so watch for their posts in the future.

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