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“Bullet Candy” Demo Impressions

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is a review Josh made on his old site, but is now being moved here!


Have you ever heard of a game called Bullet Candy? Neither had I, until it caught my attention when I was searching for free demos on Steam. Something about it just looked awesome, and it reminded me of the hit Xbox Live Arcade game “Geometry Wars” with its explosive graphics, neon colors and intense space shooter action.

Watching someone play it, you’re reminded of fireworks. Colors are bursting everywhere, to the point that sometimes it can be very hard to follow the action. But that’s part of its appeal. The name “Bullet Candy” really fits – it describes the endless bullet shooting mixed with flashy eye candy graphics. The only problem I really have with the visuals is the transitions. When you beat each level, a giant pink explosion fills the screen. After the dark background of the actual stage, this bright flair does nothing but hurt your eyes.

The demo is only 10 levels long, and the actual game is only 50 levels. Luckily, they are crazy and varied enough to offer reasons to play through them again. Also, each of the three difficulty settings (Normal, Hard, and Insane) seem to boast their own level design, for the most part. 50 levels times 3 difficulty settings equals 150 different challenges.


Bullet Candy is a great addition to the ever-decreasing amount of space shooters despite being an indie game. The developer is listed as “Charlie’s Games”, and the official website is quite simple and small. The game is also an import – it’s from the UK, although that won’t make any difference for those downloading it on Steam. For fans of intense gameplay and flashy visuals, Bullet Candy and its demo won’t disappoint.

By Josh60502

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