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“Deja Vu” Movie Review

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is a review Josh made on his old site, but is now being moved here!


Deja Vu is a science fiction crime thriller that came out last year. It stars Denzel Washington as a detective sent to investigate a terrorist bombing in New Orleans. Washington’s character, Doug Carlin, impresses a group of other detectives at the scene enough to be admitted to their special investigation headquarters. At this headquarters, Carlin discovers a top-secret device that allows people to view anything on the entire planet at any angle, as well as what people are saying. But the catch is that the device shows only what happened four and a half days ago. The video feed from the device cannot rewind or fast-forward (because of something about too much data).

With this crazy machine, Carlin and his task force try to figure out who it was that bombed the ferry. They focus especially on Claire Kuchever, a woman who dies the day of the bombing. This is because Carlin believes that she came in direct contact with the terrorist, and so watching her through the device will proably provide clues to who the terrorist is, and where he’s hiding.

Doug Carlin falls in love with Clair Kuchever while watching her on the device. When he figures out that the device can also actually send people back in time four and a half days, he sends himself to the past and does everything he can to save her, as well as the bomb victims. Carlin expieriences “deja vu” when he travels back in time to the day of the bombing, and he uses what he knows from the future to try to stop the bombing from ever happening (and of course save Clair).

The movie has intense moments throughout, but especially at the last half. It is well directed, and has very good camera work. The acting is great, but the plot could get confusing for those who don’t pay attention, and the ending could have been better. That doesn’t really matter though, so you should go rent this movie or watch it in some other way. Deja Vu is highly recommended.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

By Josh60502

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