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Google Earth – Scientific Breakthrough or Stalker’s Best Friend?

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is a post Josh made on his old site, but is now being moved here!

Google Earth is an amazing free downloadable program that lets you view every inch of the world (from a bird eye’s view) through satellite and airplane images. You can type in a location to view, and Google Earth will take you to that place. View famous monuments, plan out your road trip, find restaurants in your area, or view your own house! There are also little buttons located near certain locations that will show you a picture or a Wikipedia entry that concerns that place. New versions of Google Earth even have a feature that let you view every part of the sky that is visible from Earth.

Google Earth is incredibly cool. I can see how people could spend hours viewing and reading about places through this amazing software. Easy to use zoom and tilt features add to the awesomeness. I personally think it is a must-have for anyone with a computer. It’s completely free too, so there’s really no good reason not to get it. There are special versions of Google Earth that cost money, but for the average person, the normal free version works just fine.


My only complaint is that some places have much better image quality when you zoom in up close. Those places are usually big cities and famous places – most likely not your own humble neighborhood. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I think that the expensive special editions of Google Earth have better quality images, but don’t take my word for it.

Anyway, I would consider this a “scientific breakthrough”, even though I can see how stalkers might use this to plan shady things… I’m not recommending it for that. I’m recommending it because of how easy it is to use and because I think it’s just plain amazing.

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