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“Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom” Demo Impressions

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is a post Josh made on his old site, but is now being moved here!

I decided to download this demo off the Xbox Live Marketplace because its print ads reminded me of the Gauntlet series. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom appeared to have a medieval theme – the kind of game that’s full of elves, warriors, magic, and the like. In the end, Kuf: Cod (awesome abbreviation) does feel a lot like Gauntlet, except this is much more console-y.


It’s turns out that Kuf: Cod not only follows that theme quite nicely, but it’s full of humor, cool character/enemy design, impressive visuals, a compelling musical score, and a whole lot of fun. It’s heavy on combat, especially the kind that has you raining down domination on a large group of enemies with your two weapons and extravagant moves. I say two weapons because every character can assign a weapon to each hand. Will you take two swords in? A set of Kunai and a close-range weapon? Two shields!? However you want to fight, Kuf: Cod will give you that option. New and stronger weapons constantly fall from downed opponents, expanding your arsenal greatly throughout the game.

The attacks your character does with their weapons were clearly designed for fighting large groups of enemies. Usually, you are fighting a large group of enemies, but on those rare occasions were you aren’t, focusing your moves on one or two enemies can be a bit difficult. The targeting system is too slow and unresponsive to help this out, so you feel a bit strange flipping and dancing around all over the place with your sword when the only enemy around is right in front of you. A lock-on system would have worked better. This is a minor complaint, however. Slashing at the interesting enemy designs (though that Flesh Spear was a bit disturbing) is always fun, whether they’re in a group or not.


Six playable characters are in the real game, but in this demo, only 2 were available. The one I picked seemed to specialize in swords, and couldn’t use some of the cool weapons I found, such as a Mace or a Machine Gun (In medieval times? Whatever). Still, I liked his fighting style and the fact that he could use magic. The magic itself was a bit useless due to its weakness, however, and in the demo I was never given a fair chance to gain any more spells. “Fireball” was the most effective magic attack in my opinion, but even that wasn’t too powerful. I do have high hopes for the final game’s many spells, however.

As I said in the beginning, the music was very good. Only a small handful of tracks were heard in the demo, but I enjoyed them all. The songs in times of peace were serene and relaxing, and the guitar-heavy song played during your visit to the dream world satisfied just as much, as did the combat music. The environments were quite beautiful as well thanks to dramatic lighting effects and sharp character models.


I can definitely see how this game could get repetitive for some, so I don’t think I can recommend it to everyone. But in my opinion, there were always enough new weapons being obtained and enemies to slay that my interest was kept. Granted, I can imagine myself getting bored of the combat after 10+ hours or so, but for the time it took to play through the demo, I was entertained. The 4-player co-op gameplay over Xbox Live, randomly generated dungeons, and downloadable content in the real game could definitely add more life to the game, however. Give the demo a look if you are interested in dungeon crawlers in the vein of Gauntlet.

By Josh60502

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