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“Shadowgrounds” Demo Impressions

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is a review Josh made on his old site, but is now being moved here!


Shadowgrounds is quite an unusual shooting game. You view your character from a bird’s eye view and can always shoot in a 360 degree radius. The story is typical – you’re some random electrician tasked with fixing a power outage in your deep space company’s headquarters. When you arrive, you find monsters eating your co-workers and chaos everywhere. “Now I just need some bullets”, remarks your character.

Rooms are dark and way too similar, and despite viewing everything from a bird’s eye view, it can be a bit hard to figure out where to go at times. When you do get to the spot you were looking for, you’ll be faced with wave after wave of identical alien monsters. There’s little spider things, big four-legged things, and one weird thing that seems to have a machine gun built into it. That’s about it.


Of course, I was only playing the demo here, but I still wish there was a bit more variety in the enemies. Luckily, your weapons are quite varied and fun to use. There’s the typical pistol to start off with, but soon enough you’ll start obtaining pulse rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, and more. Weapons are also upgradeable, if you have enough coins (obtained through killing the monsters).

As a demo, this is surprisingly long, but I still can’t really say it’s worth your time. It’s unique, but it still comes out as mediocre.

By Josh60502

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