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“Super Metroid” Wii Virtual Console Impressions

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is a review Josh made on his old site, but is now being moved here! This is an impressions post, which means I wrote about it without having beaten it yet. Therefore, it does not qualify as a real review, but I’ll still put it here. (And by the way, I’ m not stuck at the part mentioned anymore.)


Last Monday I downloaded Super Metroid from the Wii Shop Channel. Right after the download, I went back to the Wii Menu to begin playing it.

The game begins with a cut scene telling us the story so far (Super Metroid is the third Metroid game). Appartently Samus destroyed Mother Brain and all of the metroids but one, which she kept alive to give to some scientists. The scientist discovered that they may be able to use the power of metroids to make the galaxy a better place. The galaxy is at peace.

Until Ridley (Samus’ long time enemy) comes, kills the scientists, and takes the metroid. What a jerk.


So Samus (the player) gets the distress call and travels to Ceres, the space colony where Ridley is. Soon after arriving, you find Ridley and try to fight him, but it’s futile and he gets away. Samus then decides to find Ridley and the metroid he stole, and the game begins.

The whole game takes place on the planet Zebes (the next planet Ridley runs to). There’s no flying to other locations at all. You try to find Ridley by exploring the planet. And man, do you explore. It’s like a Legend of Zelda game, except that there’s a lot more to navigate through, you have a gun, and there’s no one to talk to. No villagers, princesses, nothing. No one hands you any items in this game. You find them on your own.


You find these items in all sorts of places – some after a boss fight, some in a tricky room, some in the very corners of hidden areas. Super Metroid has you constantly getting weapon upgrades or missile expansions, or whatever it is that you get. And you use these new-found weapons to blast through certain doors, battle bosses, and manipulate enemies (like freeze them with the Ice Beam and use them as steps to get up a tall passageway). You get new weapons a lot in this game, and the new weapons are fun to use. So what does this mean? Getting new weapons = fun. Getting new weapons * often = a lot of fun.

supermetroid_missile.gifBut the whole game isn’t just about weapons. The gameplay is genius – it doesn’t feel like a never ending hide-and-seek game at all. The graphics are highly detailed, also.

One thing that people may hate about Super Metroid though, is how you can get stuck very quickly. And trying to figure out where you are in the game when you read a strategy guide can be a nightmare, too. Zebes is HUGE, and full of rooms that you might have to go to to find the solution to your problem. Even if you can figure out the specific room you are supposed to go to, it’s hard to find it. In fact, I’m stuck in the game now, too. I know I have to go to a place where you gave to run real fast before gates close on you (I heard somewhere it’s the room where you get the Ice Beam?). You see, I have the Power Bombs and now I need the Grappling Beam. If someone is reading this and can help, please do so!


I’m nowhere near done with this game, so I can’t give it a score yet. But so far I’m liking it (even though I’m stuck!). If you ever find yourself with 800 Wii Points, Super Metroid isn’t a bad purchase.

By Josh60502

  1. Pete951
    May 13, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    A map will come in handy If you’re stuck, it can tell you the locations of all the items.

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