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“The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” Wii Review

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is the first review Josh made on his old site, and also the first one to be moved here! It was originally posted on IGN.com, so the ending score is done accordingly.

Anyone who considers themselves a gamer can remember the incredible hype surrounding this game back when its first trailers came out. It was huge. Everyone wanted to play this game, and when the first demos came out at E3, the wait for people at the back of the line was over 4 hours. And you know what? The game lives up to the hype.

Every part of the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is amazing. The story is mysterious and intriguing, the characters are masterfully designed, the visuals are by far the best the Gamecube and Wii have ever seen, the gameplay is classic and phenomenal, the music beautiful – the list goes on and on.

If I had to complain about anything though, it would be the graphics and the sound. Sure they’re both outstanding and better than what most games have, but they could have been better. As you might know, this game was originally designed for the Gamecube, and the graphics in the Wii version don’t seem to be much different from the graphics in the Gamecube one. They may have pushed the Gamecube to its limits, but the Wii is capable of so much more. For one thing, sometimes when you move the main character, Link, into certain positions, you’ll see the hilt of his sword poking through his floppy green hat. Now this kind of graphical glitch might have been acceptable back in the Nintendo 64 days, but it has no place in the new generation of the Wii (or even the Gamecube for that matter). And another thing – the character models and backgrounds seem impressive and beautiful from a distance, but when you view them up close, sometimes things just seem blocky and unpolished. This is especially true during the cut scenes. But these are just minor complaints since most of the game’s graphics are amazing.

Soundwise, this game has some nice music here and there, but it isn’t as memorable as the music in previous Legend of Zelda games. In fact, the best songs in this game were the remixes of old tunes. Another problem was that the music for the boss battles never really sounded right. They were too light and cartoony – not dark and epic like the actual battles were. Also, there are no voiceovers for any of the dialogue. The only voices to be heard are short grunts and yells from various characters. Well, I guess Midna does make noises when she talks, but that’s all they are – noises. “Blee bloo coo ga blah” doesn’t really count as a voiceover, if you ask me.

If you think about it, fixing these small problems probably would have caused the developers to delay the game’s release date once again, and I don’t think anyone could have stood that. So I’ll just suck it up and move on. At least these small problems don’t affect the best part of the game – the actual gameplay.

The Legend of Zelda games are known for being grand, immersive adventures. Twilight Princess is no exception. The game is massive, full of side-quests and special challenges, like the 50-level Cave of Ordeals. The developers have so masterfully designed everything that it makes you want to explore every last corner of Hyrule. You could walk into a house to talk to someone, but if you move the camera to face the direction you just entered from, you’d find a wall filled with pictures and windows, some chairs leaning against the wall with maybe a couple of folded blankets stacked on them, a small desk with books and reading glasses – who knows! All these would have been hidden from your view if you had not turned to look. The creators of the game took painstaking effort and time to give every house, dungeon, field, and character its own unique and highly detailed look. This sort of experience could not be possible if The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a book or a movie. You decide for yourself how you’ll search for things, and how you’ll explore Link’s world. This works only as a video game, and the developers have made it so that it is a very enjoyable and rewarding video game experience.

Simply put, this is the best game out there on the Wii, and it probably will stay like that for a long time. The only reason anyone might want to avoid it is because of its difficulty, which is manageable for most games but might be a bit frustrating for younger gamers, or for gamers that have no patience at all. I myself had to consult a guide on a number of occasions, but personally I still found this Legend of Zelda game to be the easiest 3-D one yet. That’s not bad at all, though. Some of the previous titles were unfairly difficult at times. Even this game is harder than most games out there, but it all adds to the fun when you solve the puzzle and feel a sense of accomplishment. If someone says this game was overhyped and not that great, they probably just got stuck at some part and felt irritated. Don’t listen to them. Sometimes people feel like that when they play a challenging game. They’ll get over it once they beat the tough part and feel the rewarding sense of accomplishment that comes with challenging games such as this.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a must-have game for anyone who owns a Wii – this is a true masterpiece.

Presentation – 10.0
You can tell the developers spent lots of time polishing and perfecting this game. The delays weren’t for nothing.

Graphics – 9.4
Minor glitches and a little blocky at times, but mostly excellent.

Sound – 9.0
Good sounds from the Wii Remote and overall, but the lack of true voiceovers hurt, and the boss battle music never really sounded right.

Gameplay – 9.7
A wonderful and amazing experience only possible on a video game.

Lasting Appeal – 9.6
There’s lots and lots to do in this game, and that’s not even counting the numerous side-quests and hunts for every last piece of heart, insect, poe, etc.

Overall (out of 10 / not an average) – 9.5

By Josh60502

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