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The Wii Remote Jacket – Is It Worth Your Time?

Hey, Frayed Wire readers! This is a post Josh made on his old site, but is now being moved here!

A while back my Wii Remote Jackets (these are protective covers for the Wii Remote, not pieces of clothing) arrived, and now I think I’ve spent enough time with them to answer the question, “Are these things really worth the hassle?”

How’s the order?

Technically they shouldn’t be a hassle. Just give Nintendo.com your Wii’s serial number and click how many Wii Remote Jackets you want (there’s no reason not to pick the maximum of 4). If you’re a member of the site and have already bought something at the Nintendo online store, all you’ll have to do is click “confirm order”. It’s even got free shipping, so there’s no payment involved whatsoever!

Despite being easy to obtain in theory, these Wii Remote Jackets were actually pretty hard to order for me. Servers were crashing very often because of the large volume of orders being processed. Firefox users also had a touch of trouble navigating the whole site. If the site crashed while you were partway through the ordering process, you’d be told to wait 24 hours before you are allowed try again.

Of course, now that the mad rush is over, it should be easier to get your order in.


Do they arrive on time?

It took about 2 weeks for my order to arrive once it got in. Not too bad, seeing as the site said it would take longer. The package (when it arrived) was nothing special – a big but plain white envelope. A few manuals were inside, telling how to fit them on the Wii Remotes (in three different languages as well).

So what are they like?

Now for the meat of the article – what are these Wii Remote Jackets really like? I remember my first impressions were positive. They felt very comfortable and were designed perfectly. They fit snugly, but not incredibly tightly – very good. They did look a bit dorky, but when you’re actually playing a game, chances are you’re not staring at your controller. The unattractiveness of these don’t hurt them overall as much as everyone thinks they do.

The first game I played with the Jacket on my Wii Remote was Wii Sports, something I knew used the controller in many different ways. The playthrough yielded good results, and I was pleased. Even with the Nunchuk attached in Boxing, things worked well.

Then I went on to trying some games that requite the player to hold the Wii Remote sideways. Did the comfortable feeling stay? Yes, it did. I think it’s safe to say that these Jackets make a big improvement when it comes to the comfort of the controller.

However, did they hinder the gameplay at all? The Jackets cover much of the black wireless part at the top of the Wii Remote, but much to my relief, they didn’t seem to mess up the game. If anything, it helped make the pointer more accurate.

So is getting some of these worth my time?

YES!! No matter how ugly they may seem, these work exceptionally well! They never get dirty or sweaty, and fit the Wii Remote perfectly. Don’t skip this free offer from Nintendo out of laziness, take advantage of it now!

Click here to begin ordering your Wii Remote Jackets!

By Josh60502

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