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“Audiosurf” PC Review


Audiosurf is a music game mixed with a puzzle game. You drive a little ship on a road and hit different colored notes. The notes go into columns under your ship. The point is to get the different colored notes to make clusters of three or more to get points. The “warmer” the color, the more points you will collect. Now you may be saying, “Well that doesn’t sound all that special”. The big twist in Audiosurf is that you use your own music in the game.

Audiosurf uses this special new software to read your music. It analyzes the bass, voices, and all the other stuff to let you play your “jamz”. The difficulty of the song really relies on its speed or intensity. I mean the notes don’t match up as well as like Guitar Hero, but it does a really nice job of giving you the feel of riding your music. If the game had only a preset list of songs I don’t think it would have been as great.

There are 14 different characters (game types) to choose from. They are divided into three categories of difficulty. In the easy category you can just hit the notes and you’ll probably get a good score, but in the medium and hard difficulties you will have to plan out the notes you hit. At the end of the song, the game will look up the title of the song and you’ll be able to see the other people who have played that song and their scores, which is pretty cool. You can look at the songs your friends have played as well. Some of my songs have odd titles so it doesn’t find other people who have played the songs, but it will usually find someone.

This game is a great buy and for only 10 bucks off of Steam it is definitely worth it. I can’t see myself personally trying to get high scores and playing competively but other people may. Audiosurf comes with the entire Orange Box soundtrack in case you’re short on songs of your own to play. I highly recommend this game to others, it is really fun.

Pros: You can play any song you can download, so go wild. You can compare your scores across the world. There are 14 game types to keep you busy for a while. And it is only 10 dollars, quite the bargain.

Cons: Umm not much I can think of.

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10

By BurningBaboon

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