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Internet Game Ratings

You may have noticed a short message at the end of all the “Internet Game Spotlight” posts – the “Rating” portion with “Content Warnings”. Today I’d like to tell you what those are all about.

You see, just like console video games, internet games can have a fair amount of mature content in them, so I want to warn you ahead of time what kind of questionable content can be found in each game. There are four general ratings used: Everyone, Preteen, Teen, and Mature. Those ratings describe the recommended minimum age for those who play the game. Right next to those ratings are the “Content Warnings”, or reasons why I rated the game the rating I did. The content warnings are listed by their prominence in the game. For example, if Blood is the worst part of the game, I’ll list that first.

Notice the number next to each descriptor. When all the warnings are picked, I add their numbers together and determine the rating based on that final tally. Sound confusing? It isn’t. For example, a game with both Violence (2) and Mild Blood (1) would have a total of 3. If you look at the bottom of the post, you’ll see that a score of 3 places the game in the “Preteen” category. So now let’s take a look at the Content Warnings themselves…



Mild Violence (1) – A small about of violence, the game may have violent themes but they aren’t very explicit at all.

Violence (2) – Violence is seen often. Violent themes are present.

Strong Violence (3) – Violence is intense and bloody – not for the faint of heart. The whole game is about murder and killing.

Intense Action (1) – This might sound like it refers to something explicit, but that’s not entirely true. What is true is that the action is fast and furious. Fighting is constant, and so is the blood/gore, however much there usually is. So while this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a large amount of violence, it just means that the game’s violent aspects are seen very frequently.


Mild Blood (1) – A small amount of blood is seen.

Blood (2) – Fair amounts of blood are seen.

Excessive Blood (3) – Come on, man. There’s not even that much blood in 10 people, let alone one guy!

Gore (2) – Exploding characters, and/or small amounts of toned-down shots of the insides of characters can be seen.

Strong Gore (3) – When characters explode, they explode. That, and you might see the insides of people. Eeww.


Mild Language (1) – Some swearing occurs rarely.

Language (2)Swearing isn’t frequent, but it’s definitely present.

Strong Language (3) – Large amounts of bad language.

Sexual Content

Sex Jokes (1) Sexual references/jokes

XXX HARDCORE PORNO (A Lot) Do I have to describe it to you? By the way, nothing with this will ever be featured on the site. This warning is here just to complete the list.


Potty Humor (1) – Hah hah! Poop!

Malicious Humor (1) The humor in this game was obviously intended to make fun of someone in a mean way.

Twisted Humor (3) – Humor that makes you laugh through extreme violence or some other twisted means.



Everyone (0-1) : Suitable for everyone

Preteen (2-3): Some violence and/or language, but nothing over-the-top

Teen (4-5): A higher level of violence, language, etc., which will probably be okay for most people but not for everyone

Mature (6+): Strong content here


So there you have it – an explanation of Frayed Wire’s internet game rating system. If anything on here is ever updated, I’ll make sure to post a notice.

By Josh60502

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