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Internet Game Spotlight: Shift 2

Sound familiar? I wrote an “Internet Game Spotlight” post on Shift 1 before, but I’m back to tell you about its far superior sequel, Shift 2.

Once again, you control a faceless test subject who needs to escape a deadly black-and-white world. The only way to do so is by “shifting” (done by pressing the shift key on your keyboard), which will transfer the character into the opposite color. This time around, there are buttons that turn the level sideways, and checkered spaces that can’t be shifted through (unless you dispel them by hitting a lightbulb). The humor and atmosphere of the original is the same, but luckily for us the level count is much higher in this sequel. A few extras such as medals and a custom level creator add replay value. If you enjoyed the first, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Shift 2.

Rating: (Preteen) – Content Warnings: Blood

Play this game here!

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