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Going to See the Bleach Movie Tomorrow

I’m sorry about the recent draught of new post content. Luckily Legend of Link was able to post a great review, but it pains me that I haven’t been able to put up the Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed review yet. See, the first major step in the review process has been completed (I’d tell you more, but I’d like to keep it somewhat of a surprise), and all I need to do now before it goes live is edit everything down to perfection. I’m on vacation, and so can only occasionally go on a laptop. Unfortunately, the internet connection at the hotel I’m staying at has broken down. This post is being made from a relative’s house.

Still, summer break has begun for many of the Frayed Wire writers, which means a spike in the amount of new videos, news, previews, and reviews that you’ve come to expect from us. Apart from the DAH review coming in the next week (when I return), you can also look forward to a review of Bleach: Memories of Nobody in the near future. I haven’t seen the Japanese dub, so I’m excited to see the movie on the U.S. big screen. I hope I’m far enough in the series to understand what’s going on, but if other anime movies are any indication, I think I’ll be fine.

So yeah, beastliness all around.

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