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Bully: Scholarship Edition Preview

So GTA4 is out there butt raping all of you with its badassery and strip clubs, but don’t forget one of Rockstar Games’ other free-roaming adventure game on the market right now that deserves praise: Bully: Scholarship Edition. I haven’t played it too much, but I feel like I’ve played it enough to write about it. ( I also haven’t made a post in a while and I want to feel special.) I’m doing this preview using the Wii edition BTW.

The game has only two modes to play once you start it up: Story and Multiplayer. I haven’t played multiplayer, but I assume that you play the minigames in the games in a competitive point system of some sort. That’s a pretty cool feature because the minigames are pretty light and fun. The Story mode seems very meaty. I’ve played for about 3 hours and it says i’ve almost completed 11% of the game. That’s about 30 hours of play which includes finding every single rubber band and collectable card. Another good thing about the game is the wii motion controls. They don’t feel tacked on at all. They’re used to their full advantage. You even lift both the wiimote and nunchuck when you want to give someone a wedgie. You’re encouraged to go to all of your classes, but it’s not enforced. If the prefects catch you wandering around the halls during class, they’ll take you there and i don’t see why you won’t want to go to classes. The classes give you power ups, if you will. Like if you do well enough in chemistry class, you’re able to make stinkbombs, itching powder, and fire works at your own chemistry set in your room. The whole game gives you a sense of you’re never wasting time. like i said before, classes give you more abilities and items, story missions futher the plot and give you bonuses like a skate board or better slingshot. Random students will even ask you to do stuff for them and they give you cash in return. In conclusion, Bully: SE is a good game with a nice sense of freedom. I forgot to mention that the game is funny. It’s not a game that thinks it’s funny, but this one will make you laugh, not out loud, but louder than to yourself. If you’re into freeroaming adventure games, pick this one up right away. If you like structure, give it a rent first.

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