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“Lego Indiana Jones” Demo Impressions

Lego Star Wars, the surprise hit of 2005, is back yet again, this time with a new coat of paint meant to mask the same gameplay you’ve seen before. Taking a page from Lego Star Wars, (or in this case, practically the whole book), Lego Indiana Jones is entertaining, but ultimately too easy and similar to its predecessor. Sure, this time around the emphasis is more on platforming and puzzles rather than straight-up combat, but did they have to use the same exact sound effects for the lego blocks/studs?

I mentioned it was easy, and I wasn’t kidding. You can never really feel a true sense of Indiana Jones-style adventure when dying only means the loss of a few easily replaceable studs. Without any real challenge, the game might be able to appeal to its targeted younger audience, but at the same time it hurts the replay value. Here’s an idea – why don’t the players start off with a set number of studs, and if they lose all of them by dying, they have to restart the level? Studs are jam-packed into every destructible object seen around the level, so this isn’t too much of a challenge – just enough to keep you on track. For Free Mode, it could be removed so that players can mess around all they want.

Difficulty aside, there’s actually quite a bit of fun to be had with the game. During Story Mode your characters are set, but you advance the game and get to see funny cutscenes. After you’ve beaten Story Mode, the only thing available at the start of the demo, you’re invited to play through the level again in the already-mentioned Free Mode, where characters can be swaped at will and used to enter previously inaccessible areas. For example, if you see a cracked wall, why not switch to the guy with the grenade and blow it up? The characters themselves aren’t as recognizable or cool as those of Star Wars, but they all have unique abilities that make you want to play as them. Apart from the guy with the grenade, there’s the native, who has a limitless supply of spears, a sword-wielding dude with some crazy hat, Indy’s father, who can decipher runes, and a handful more. I imagine the real game has a lot more playable characters.

In terms of kid games, Lego Star Wars was one of the best, and Lego Indiana Jones shares many of that game’s appeals. Hopefully all the 6 and 7 year olds will play this instead of clogging up the GTA IV servers (really, how did they get their hands on that game?).

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