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“Burnout Paradise” PS3 Review

Hey, I’m JoeWillBeatJohn, here to tell you about a game I’ve been playing a lot lately: Burnout Paradise. I’ll break my review up into 4 sections.

Single Player Offline Gameplay

Unlike previous Burnout titles, which would have you choosing game modes from a menu, Paradise has you find challenges and events while driving throughout the large, open-ended city. Even when you’re not in a race through a section of the city, destroying the competition in Road Rage, or participating in one of the many other game modes, there’s plenty else you can do, such as finding shortcuts or crashing through billboards.  Without over 75 cars, there’s always a new ride to take around Paradise City. If your cars get trashed or beat up (which they undoubtedly will at the speeds you can go), a drive through one of the many auto repair shops will quickly fix things up. I enjoy this new sandbox-style gameplay even more than the more straightforward approach Burnout 3 and 4 took – and I liked that a lot to begin with.


Unlike former Burnout games, Paradise uses full Blu-ray capabilities. In a recent update they improved the video capacity from 720p to 1080i.


Separating themselves from their competitors, Critierion has not stopped working on any aspects of the game after it was released. In their previous update from early July they included a new overall look starting with the main menu. In the main menu they added a news board that gives gamers a look at upcoming updates along with the weather in major cities. The next part of the update included new timed Freeburn challenges online and new Freeburn modes like Road Rage to add an extra challenge to the game. The final feature added to the game was that players can now achieve 102% completion which will lead to the discovery of new cars. This may seem like a lot of new add-ons, but believe it or not there are still more updates coming in the future.


The online is awesome – it’s where I spend most of my time when I’m playing the game. There are tons of Freeburn events (Road Rage, Racing, etc), new and improved Freeburn challenges, and chances to learn tricks and stunts with friends.

Pros: Graphics, events, Freeburn, car selection, long lasting, worth buying

Cons: DJ Atomica, AI cars run into things for no reason, if you lose an event you have to drive all the way back to its beginning

Final Score: 9 out of 10

By JoeWillBeatJohn

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