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“Wii Music” Electric Guitar Demonstration Video

Watch out, Guitar Hero 4! Nintendo is once again delivering to its fans with the genius known as Wii Music. Who wants to worry about the challenge an instrument can provide? Ol’ Ninty sure doesn’t, as they’ve made sure there’s no possible way to fail any of the 10+ public domain songs in the game! You can add notes, or you can take them away; you can stay on rhythm, or you can play to your own beat; you can saw your own ears off with a blunt kitchen knife, or play Wii Music!

Here’s the new official video from Nintendo – a demonstration of how you’d play with an electric guitar:

By Josh60502

  1. justmattpwn3r
    September 6, 2008 at 12:51 am

    i know this game’s gonna have like 50 instraments or something like that, but you should be able bo do chords and stuff like that

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