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Bite Size Chunks

IF you haven’t figured this out by now, I’ve somehow acquired lots of money and with a Gamestop open right by my house, I’ve traded in about 15 games and have gotten about 7 or 8. These won’t be games I’ve only bought at Gamestop, but any game I’ve wanted to write a review on, but just kept putting it off. I’m going to give a quick spiel about the game and then I’m going to give it my final word.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: This is a 3rd person shooter modeled after the Battlefield games,with character classes, vehicles, and strategic modes. I’m not a big Star Wars guy so when I’m playing the story mode I’m a little lost, but the events seem to be justified within the context. Final Word: If you like action games, shooters, or are a Star Wars fan, go out and buy this game right now. I got mine used for around 20 bucks and I’ve already put in at least that much in gameplay hours.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Stealth Action Redefined: When I bought this for 5 bucks after a video store went under, I had really high hopes for it. The Splinter Cell games were a large part of proving the Xbox was technologically superior. I haven’t played many stealth action games, so I don’t know if this is the norm, but be prepared to try the same few minutes multiple times because you don’t always know where all the enemies are. Final Word: I would assume that this is a good stealth action game, but if you like straight up action like God of War or its rip-offs like Conan or Heavenly Sword, try to find it used or buy another one in the series because I’ve heard that the 3rd one is the peak and the 4th is solid.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction: While it fits the model for a modern free roaming action adventure game, like GTA4 or Saints Row, what sets this one apart is instead of taking cars from innocent people, you’re throwing cars at Hulkbuster Robots. Tons of buyable moves and combos that fit any situation. Something bad is the story. I never cared one bit about it, but I still kept playing to see what new moves i would unlock next. Final Word: If you own a last gen system, this is a very serious recommendation. Easily one of the best comic book/superhero games ever made (If you can believe it, it’s even better than Superman 64.)

Bully: Scholarship Edition: If I asked you, “What’s one Rockstar Games franchise that Jack Thompson wanted to sue for?” your first response would most likely be Grand Theft Auto. While researching a paper for school, I found an article on jackthompson.org that said Bully would make kids want to fight each other and the teachers. That’s about as true as the game is bad. Often described as the little bro of GTA, I agree with that statement because you can go and power up your character by going to classes or just plow through the story. Final Word: If you have a next gen free roaming itch and you have a 360 (but can’t get GTA4) or a Wii, buy this. If you like funny games with sharp writing, buy this. If you want tacked on Wii controls, don’t buy this. The Wii controls feel nice and sharp.

By JustMattPwn3r

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