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Nintendo Media Summit Details and Announcements!

Remember how at the end of E3, Nintendo said they were sorry for the lack of hardcore titles shown, and promised to have an event showcasing them later? Well today is that day. Nintendo held a press conference earlier in the morning and is still running an event, so I’ll try to post the tasty morsels of information being announced there. Keep in mind, I won’t present all the news to you in the order it was announced – I’m just getting the news to you, period.

Wii Punch-Out!

A sequel both surprising and unsurprising at the same time. Little Mac is back, and the WiiMotionPlus will be used.


The 3rd DS model will be arriving in Japan November 1 and everywhere else in 2009. This is because the DS Lite is still selling amazingly well. Pricing is at 18,900 yen (about $179.99 US). It comes in black and white, features bigger screens (3.25 inches), and is 12% thinner. Along with 2 cameras (one 640 x 480 pixels), there are music playback and editing features (both pre-loaded); all possible because of the new SD card support. An online DSi shop will have the ability to sell content (including a free Opera browser) over WiFi. Games on the DSi shop (called DSi Ware) will be purchased with Wii Points, or as they are now called, Nintendo Points. Games can be saved onto both an SD card and the DSi’s internal storage. Unfortunately, there is no GBA slot on this new model.

Solution To The Wii Storage Issue

WiiWare and Virtual Console games can be downloaded directly to an SD card. The transfer process will become “dramatically easier”. An update to the Wii that would let this work is expected to come “Spring 2009”

The Conduit

Development is in the “polish phase”. With most of the single-player done, the game is still in line with its 2009 Q1 release date. Multiplayer is 16-player, and there are 15 different enemy types. Techniques such as interactive water, light maps, normal mapping, detail mapping, blooms, blurs, and more are being used. Players can walk right up to objects and they’ll still retain their high quality textures. Voiceovers will be recorded this month. Nintendo spokesperson Cammie Dunaway describes The Conduit as an “exclusive first-party shooter coming to Wii.” Does this mean it’s going to be published by Nintendo? Right now, many people, such as myself, think she meant to say “first-person shooter”.

Personal Trainer

This series of casual DS titles will feature virtual trainers giving you tips on math, walking, and cooking. The cooking one is set to release in the first half of 2009…. wait a minute, did it just say “walking”!?

Sin and Punishment 2

The cult favorite is getting a sequel on the Wii! The only trailer currently available on the internet is painfully brief, but it looks like the game with play like its N64 predecessor, just with aiming done by pointing at the screen. Why again was this not shown at E3?

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Number 2 on my list of games I’m anticipating will release the in 1st half of 2009. It’s a remake of the classic Famicom game. Difficulty settings, online modes, and storyline details were discussed, but none of that is really new information. Full voice chat is only with friends, not random strangers.

“Play For Wii” Titles

Pikmin Wii! Well, sort of. Pikmin, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, Chibi Robo, Pikmin 2, Mario Tennis GC, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes will all be rereleased on the Wii – only this time with Wii controls. The first to launch – Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat – will arrive in Japan on December 11. Pikmin will hit shelves on December 25 for 3,800 yen (about $36 US). Is this the Pikmin Miyamoto was talking about at E3? Let’s hope not…

Nintendo Point Cards

Now colorful and at varied values. will all be rereleased on the Wii – only this time with Wii controls.

Mario and Luigi 3

Now you can play as Bowser and control Goombas for major attacks. Release date is 2009.

Rhythm Heaven

Don’t know much about this, but this DS game is expected to be a big seller.

Wii Speak Channel

Wii Speak Channel to be released on Nov. 16. You can talk with up to 4 groups of people at once. When you buy the $30 WiiSpeak microphone, you’ll get a ticket that lets you download the channel for free. Allows you to send voice messages and photos to friends.

Club Nintendo

Debuts in North America at the end of the year. Club Nintendo lets players earn points by purchasing Nintendo items and use those on special goodies.

Other Games Mentioned But Not Gone Into Detail With…

Call of Duty: World At War (playable at show)

MadWorld (playable at show)

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Wii Music

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Wii Fit

Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party

New Age of Empires

Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Pokemon Ranger 2

Chrono Trigger


There are a bunch of interesting tidbits on the official Nintendo Press Conference website. Even if you can’t understand Japanese, the videos can be understood by all.

Lots of thanks to Kezins, GoNintendo, and Joystiq for providing the information I could adapt for Frayed Wire.

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