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I Apologize

So this is mainly a response to Josh’s post apologizing on the lack of content and that’s really my fault for not contributing as much as I really should. I just don’t know what I should write about so I think that I’ll conform to the recent trend of this sight of having a poll. 

I have a few things that I could do, this is just going to tell me what you guys want me to do. I beleive we’re getting de Blob from our friends at M80 or something like that. It could lead to something like the Big Willy Unleashed review we did a while back. We like free games, so visit here everyday and tell your friends how much we kick ass so we can get more. If you vote in this poll and you have a wii, leave your code and any NES virtual console game you want. This offer goes until Nov. 20th. Based on the quality of my internet connection, I should be able to get you your games by December. If it’s later than that, it’ll comment on whose I have left and it will most likely be because of cash. I have to buy presents so I apologize

By JustMattPwn3r

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  1. November 9, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    I assume this offer doesn’t apply to other Frayed Wire writers…. crap.

    While every one of those options seems good to me, I voted “reviews of other media” just because we don’t have a whole lot of those. Gaming is good, but I don’t want to put off some non-gamer readers. I myself will try to write a music review or two soon.

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