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Reader Poll: Are You Frustrated With the Short Supply and Size of New Posts?

It’s been two weeks since our last reader poll… and four posts since then. Yikes.

No, I’m not dead. I’ve just been busy with school, cliched and empty as that sounds, and quite honestly, I haven’t been incredibly inspired to write anything lately. The other Frayed Wire writers don’t seem to have been inspired to write things very much this past couple weeks either… or for a long time. I always want something new to be up on the site, but I don’t always know exactly what to write. So now I’m starting to head into what the next reader poll is… are you frustrated that Frayed Wire posts very sporadically these days? Is it something we really need to work on, or are you fine with how things are going? And how big do you expect posts to be? Is a short little paragraph describing a YouTube video embedded below okay, or do you thirst for an in-depth review thousands of words long?

However, this next poll can’t give me all the results I’m really looking for. The poll asks whether or not you’re fine that few things get posted every week, and if you care how big each post is, but I would also like to know if you are happy with the variety of posts. Are we too focused on gaming, on impressions/reviews, on videos, or what? Leave a comment or two below with your thoughts. Believe me, I greatly value every comment (and poll entry) that appears on this site, so don’t think you’re wasting your time. If I don’t get a whole lot of replies concerning post variety, I might devote our next poll entirely to that topic.

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