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Having Trouble With Xbox Live Today, November 16?

You’re not alone. I thought I was when my connection to Xbox Live couldn’t be established starting at about midnight on Friday, and continuing to today. You see, JoeWillBeatJohn and I were going through the Left 4 Dead demo (co-op online = sweetness) when all of a sudden we dropped out of our game and told that we had been signed off of Xbox Live. Well, it’s not uncommon for the internet to act up now and then, and when we signed back in and began playing Halo 3, we thought nothing of it. Then about 4 or 5 Griffball matches later, we were signed out again, only this time we couldn’t sign back in at all! It still wasn’t that big of a deal when there were still achievements to earn through the campaign, but when I couldn’t sign in at all the next day or today, worry began to creep up in the back of my mind. Whenever Xbox Live goes down, Microsoft sends out a warning ahead of time, and I didn’t get any message like that recently. Turning to the Wii, I fired up the Internet Channel and found it to be working fine. So then I thought to myself, is my 360 broken? Did something burn up inside? Is this an early Red Ring of Death symptom? I tested my connection like the system suggested, and every stage was either “connected” or “confirmed” until the part where it said simply “Xbox Live”, which failed.

Seeing how that didn’t make any sense at all, I decided to go on the internet and search for the cure to this problem, and to see if it was widespread. As I discovered on this forum thread, a large group of gamers are having the same problems as I am. Speculation on there points to the New Xbox Experience (which by the way, I am not looking forward to) beta as the cause of this massive server failure. Whatever it is, it seems to be temporary, and while some of you reading this may be mad you didn’t get to spend as much time online with COD 5 or Gears of War 2 as you’d hoped for this weekend, at least be thankful you’re not alone.

By Josh60502

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