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What I’m Listening To

I know I don’t seem like a major music guy from my previous posts, but I do a good bit of listening (and performing on the cello) of music. Last year for my birthday I got an ipod nano video which I’ve only recently taken advantage of as of recently. I’m in no way sponsored by any of these people, this is just my recap of what’s on my ipod.

Underdog Alma Matter: Forever the Sickest Kids

As weird of name as this band and album name is, they’ve got a nice mix of different styles of emo rock in this album with slower more ballad like songs like “Coffee Break” and upbeat party songs like “Hey Brittany.” I know there’s hundreds of bands like this out there, but these guys just stick out to me, maybe because my sister was able to meet them personally and I feel semi obligated to support them.

Van Halen: Van Halen

What do i really need to say about them? This album is truly classic, from the mind blowing quick fingers of “Eruption” to just plain great songs like “Janie’s Cryin’.” I think of these guys like the American AC/DC, blistering hard rock that you just have to crank up to at least 12 on a scale of 1-10. If you like bands like Paramore, or even Flyleaf, and maybe Weezer, give these guys a try. Speaking of Paramore…

Riot!: Paramore

I just can’t say it any other way than Paramore is simply and purely awesome. They’re so awesome, probably their best hit from this album, “Misery Business,” made it into Guitar Hero: World Tour. That alone gives you the title of simply and purely awesome. With their lead vocalist being a female, you can easily tell when one of their songs come on shuffle. The one draw back is that all their songs sound have the same semi hard rock sound. Even though you can tell it’s Paramore, you might not be able to know which song it is.

I would give you some more albums, but I just have a sort of miscellaneous collection from multiple albums and groups. I have significant amounts of Switchfoot, a semi christian band that’s still pretty good even with their positive message, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, one of the hundreds of bands that sound like Forever the Sickest Kids I have their songs solely because of the song “Face Down”, and “The Classic Crime”, pretty much the same as Switchfoot in being a semi christian band that still knows how to rock…softly.

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