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Now Introducing… Music Reviews!

It’s time to expand the focus of this blog. So far we’ve been primarily about gaming, and have occasionally talked about books and movies. Admittedly, we’ll still probably be primarily gaming, but now you can expect to see some music reviews appearing on the blog.

However, music reviews will not be handled like all the other reviews. I have discovered that when it comes to music, people’s opinions are greatly varied – more so, it seems, than with any other type of media. If a movie or game is good, most people will tend to agree on that. But when people share their opinions on music, people’s opinions are wildly different. One album that someone considers an all-time classic may be a heaping pile of buffalo dung according to someone else. So many bands produce so many sounds nowadays, that, for example, one can’t really be a fan of rock in general because there are so many different types of rock. I guarantee that not every pop-rock-liking little sister of yours is also a fan of death metal and screamo.

Because of this, I have decided to review music not on Frayed Wire’s typical “out of 10” scale, but on a more general “5 stars” scale. It’s tough to provide such an exact score when music isn’t as complex a thing as say, a game or movie, where so many different parts all have to come and work together. That’s not to say music isn’t complex – in fact when I review music I’ll be looking at the instrumentation, the lyrics, the meaning of the lyrics, if the length seems right, and other aspects. In other words, I don’t impulsively review music; I make sure I listen to it and try to understand it a deep level before assigning a score.

So now let’s take a look at what each star rating implies…

0stars = No, Just No = So awful that you’ll probably never see this rating.

05stars = Horrendous = An abomination in every way. How is this considered music, and how did it even get signed on?

1stars = Hate it = A terribly made song/album that is a pain to listen to.

15stars = Really Don’t Like it = I have strong negative feelings toward this song/album.

2stars = Don’t Like it = I have negative feelings toward this song/album. Even repeated listenings have not changed my dislike towards it.

25stars1 = Not a Fan of it = This isn’t a terribly made song/album, but I just personally don’t care for it. This rating is usually given to genres I don’t like, but others may,  such as rap. As a result, I will avoid reviewing songs or albums from genres that I dislike in general in order to not be biased.

3stars = Like it/Average = Most songs/albums will receive this rating. I liked it, but my feelings toward it aren’t necessarily strong.

35stars = Better Than Average = Here’s where the good starts to become separated from the bad. A step ahead of average.

4stars = Really Like it = A great song/album that can easily stick in your head.

45stars = Amazing = I can’t get enough of it. Just shy of classic status because of a minor imperfection or two, but something everyone needs to listen to.

5stars = Classic = A masterpiece that is sky-high above its competition. I’ll still be listening to this years from now.

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