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BurningBaboon’s Christmas list (lol not Hanukah)

I know that I haven’t written anything recently, like Summer or something, but I figured since its Christmas time, I’d post my “Wish List”. I’m sure everyone would like to know just what a badass might want for Jesus’ Birthday.

1) No More Heroes (Wii) – This was a game that was either released in January or February 2008. It had some pretty positive things said about it so I thought I’d pick it up. My friend played it and said it was good so I’m game for it. It’s about becoming the number one assassin in the world so you can get laid, my typical weekend.

2) Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (Wii) – Once again a good game that slipped under my gay/radar. Great things said about it, so worth a looksie in my opinion. Um don’t really know much about it, play as a kid with a friend monkey. Puzzles and junk.

3) Kirby Super Star: Ultra (DS) – Kirby Super Star is often times considered the best Kirby game out there. Me lacking a Super Nintendo have not had the chance to play it. Conveniently it was remade on the DS so now I too, a simple peasant working the land, gets to enjoy this game.

4) Chrono Trigger (DS) – I’m sure ya’ll have heard of this game. It is considered one of the best SNES games and one of the best RPG’s ever. It like Kirby Super Star has been remade on the DS. So picking this one up is a no brainer. I think there are added cut scenes and dungeons to mix it up a bit.

5) Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS) – A game that I’ve been interested in for a very long time. A game with puzzles and what not with a story that is told with some cool animated clips. The art style looks cool and I really want to know what makes this village so curious in the first place.

6) Dark Knight and Wanted (DVD) – Two great movies that I saw this year and really want. Dark Knight, sure you all have seen it, the sequel to Batman Begins. An almost perfect movie. Wanted is an over the top action flick that gets you hard while you’re watching it. It is so intense you may have to clean up when you’re done watching it

Well that’s that. This is in fact what all the cool kids on your street want. Merry Christmas you guize.

By BurningBaboon

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