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Internet Gaming Spotlight: Last Stand 2

That picture is a comparison between the first and second Last Stand games, with 2 on the bottom. One of the best ways to describe this game is a survival horror with light strategy elements.  It works like this, you have a gun at the rightside of the screen. Zombies will come from the left and the only thing between you and them is a wall of differing stamina. The story of this game, from what I understand picks up right where the other one left off. Then something goes wrong and you have 40 days to make it to Union City before some boat leaves. I didn’t pay attention to the story and I still enjoyed the game very much.

The zombies in this game are very well done. They differ in number of bullets it takes to kill and speed, the fat ones that move slow take about 7 with the starting pistol and the ones that sprint at you can be taken down relatively easy with the starter pistol. One of the most shocking things for me in this game is the zombie dogs. I wonder if these dogs semi-inspired the dogs in Call of Duty: World at War? Hm… When you kill all of the zombies, this is where the strategy elements start. In the first game you had 3 choices; search for guns, search for other survivors, or repair your barricade. In the second one, those first two have been combined. You can still repair your barricade, but for searching you have a map of the town where you’re in and you can search individual buildings, each taking a different length to search. They can contain a new gun to use, a survivor to help you fight off the zombies and help you repair the wall, a trap that you can lay on the area where zombies go, supplies that you need to move to different towns, or jack squat. My writing hardly does the game justice. It’s very fun and addicting, but it’s very violent, complete with bloody exploding headshots and limbs falling off. I recommend at least being 13, but maybe even older if you can’t handle graphic material.

Rating: (Mature) – Content Warnings: Strong Violence, Gore, Blood, Intense Action

Play this game here! WARNING: Mature Content

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