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My Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2008

Lots of good songs came out this year, but what were my favorites? After seeing my list below (and watching the accompanying video), tell me your favorites in a comment.

10. The Day That Never Comes – Metallica

I don’t normally like Metallica, but this song had a great, accessible sound to it. It’s instantly recognizable with the opening guitar arpeggios, and the band builds at a good pace.

9. A Milli – Lil Wayne

It takes a lot for me to like a rap song, but “A Milli” had just enough appeal to hook me in. Lil Wayne’s unique voice goes into no chorus – it’s just straight rap the whole way through. The more you listen to the lyrics, the better appreciation you have for them.

8. Troublemaker – Weezer

A beastly song that starts right up and doesn’t let up. It has such a great swing to it.

7. You Don’t Understand Me – The Raconteurs

Being a piano player, it’s great to hear a piano being put to good use in today’s rock music, and “You Don’t Understand Me” does just that.

6. American Boy – Estelle (feat. Kanye West)

There’s something different about this song – something better about this song – than all its fellow pop chart-toppers. Kanye West is fine as the guest in this, but Estelle’s vocals and the laid-back feel are what makes it… “Shine”.

5. Inside the Fire – Disturbed

Catchy hard rock/metal… what isn’t to like about it? Disturbed has definitely¬† gotten better from its past days, and even then they had the ingenious “Down With the Sickness”. I look forward to what they have in store next.

4. Violet Hill – Coldplay

Coldplay isn’t my favorite band by any means, but this song’s strong piano and vocals put this into near-classic territory.

3. Becoming the Bull – Atreyu

Listen to the first 20 seconds or so of this song, and it’s hard not to love it.

2. The Shock of the Lightning – Oasis

A little over-distorted, but then again if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be Oasis. The first time I heard this song, I was instantly obsessed with it.

1. Re-Education (Through Labor) – Rise Against

YES! This is the kind of music we need more of! Just put this song on loop, and leave it like that for a day or two. Don’t worry – it’s impossible to grow tired of this loud, angry, fist-pumping, “hey!”-shouting rock.


Notice What’s Not Here:

I Kissed a Girl – Katy Parry

The very definition of over-played. I liked this song at first… don’t get me wrong. But now I want to smash the radio into pieces when it comes on.

Heroes of Our Time – Dragonforce

Hm… I feel like I’ve heard this before. Oh yeah, it sounds like EVERY FREAKIN’ DRAGONFORCE SONG IN EXISTENCE.

Burnin’ Up – The Jonas Brothers

This shows only that as long as you have the right age and Disney behind you, any random teenager can become world famous.

Chinese Democracy – Guns ‘n Roses

Any song that starts with 45 seconds of ambient noise needs something really good to make up for it when the real music does start. In other words, if you’ve got a Dark Side of the Moon type opening, you sure as heck had better be leading to a Dark Side of the Moon. Needless to say, this song fell flat on its face.


By Josh60502

  1. January 19, 2009 at 8:06 am

    Dude, I LOVE Coldplay! I bought Viva La Vida and I love every song on that CD.

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