Frayed Wire’s First Ever Podcast is Up!!

Today JustMattPw3r and I recorded the first ever Frayed Wire podcast. It’s over 50 minutes of in-depth discussion, without the bad quality and awkwardly long pauses other podcasts give you sometimes. We highly encourage you to check it out. You can download it and then put it on an mp3 player or just stream it through the internet and listen to it on your browser.

Our work with it is not finished yet, however. Look forward to these podcast-related events ocurring in the future:

– The podcast will be on iTunes, meaning every time we post a new episode, you can set it up to automatically syncronize to your iPod.

– The podcast will be posted on YouTube. Well, this is actually something we’re still considering. Basically, we would split the podcast up into however many parts we needed to, then post them all as audio-only videos on YouTube.

– More information will be given about the podcast. We might write down a basic outline of what we’re talking about and the times you can find us talking about them, and add pictures. These would especially help us if we took the YouTube route.

We will need your questions! Send us questions to answer for our “Reader Questions” segment in the next podcast we make. There’s a huge chance that Wii point giveaways will be involved in this process… but don’t wait for us to set all that up before you send us stuff. Start now, either by emailing them to us ( or by leaving a comment in this post. We won’t forget about you once our rules are set in stone – so start talking, everyone!

Our PodOMatic Page is this:

You can listen to our first, and as of now, only, podcast, “Frayed Wire X”, here:

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