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Internet Gaming Spotlight: Maverick

No, this isn’t a game about John McCain. Then again, you could pretend the faceless, pixelated cowboy in this game is anyone you want…

Maverick is about shooting. A lot. But you don’t shoot other people. Actually, you don’t shoot at anything in particular. The only reason you’re shooting is so that you are propelled through the air and can navigate through the trap-filled levels. It’s quite an awesome idea, and the game is very original and fun. It starts off relatively easy, but things get difficult before too long once spikes, cactuses, and gravity fields are introduced. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the bottom of level 15, where a “magical pig” awaits you… sounds about as offbeat as this game’s concept.

The graphics resemble games from the Atari-era, but they don’t affect the gameplay badly at all. I wonder why better, more modern graphics weren’t used, since this game could have benefited from them. Still, Maverick is a excellent internet game.


Rating: (Everyone) – Content Warnings: None

Play this game here!

By Josh60502

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