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2 More Days to Answer the Poll!

As if it needed more time.

Yes, the “What Was Your Favorite Game of 2008?” poll will be no more come this Friday. Hopefully around then, most, if not all, of the Frayed Wire writers will be able to announce their favorite games of the past year.

Posts have been a little scare around here lately. Sorry, but my busy schedule is preventing me from writing quality material. Soon my workload should let up however, and it will be back to the good old days of actually seeing new posts on here every few days.

Also, I know there was no podcast last weekend… but look forward to one this weekend unless something unexpected comes up.

You know what you can do while you wait? COME UP WITH SOME QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED IN THE PODCAST!! Even if you don’t have a Wii (we’re giving away Wii points to those who have them, remember?), it is still massively appreciated if you give us a good question to discuss in our show. We’ll find something to reward you with… so please start asking them! In a comment, an email… however you can get it to us, we’re happy.

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