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A First Look: Stuntman: Ignition (PS2)

This’ll just be a quick look after the 5 hours I’ve put in so far. From the title you could assume that you’re a stuntman, stunt driver to be exact, and you go through different movie sets performing different strings of stunts for odd ball directors. These stunts include powerslides, passing close to another car or explosion, squeezing your vehicle into a small gap, making a sweet jump, going under something, crashing into a vehicle, or a semi context sensitive action button stunt (which is usually nitro or a weapon). You’re not always driving cars either, I’ve driven a motorcycle, a monster truck, a fire truck, a dune buggy, and a hovercraft. Based on how well you do the stunts, you’re given points that go into a combo system. The more stunts within 2 seconds of each other, the combo, giving you a higher point total. You’re ranked on a star system, with five being the highest. You can only get five stars if you have a continuous string throughout the entire level.

One of the better runs, you’re a vulcanologist, in the SUV, racing down the mountain to warn the town of the volcano

One of the game’s major problems so far is the difficulty. For most strings, you’re given five strikes meaning that you can miss five director-given stunts. This sounds like a lot of strikes, but if you miss one you might as well start over because you have a small time to do each thing and usually when you miss a stunt you usually get all turned around or come to a complete stop. This can make the game pretty frustrating, but when you’re blasting through the desert at high speed and you launch off a ramp into corkscrew into a mercenary guard tower, almost all is forgiven. The game is mainly trial and error, finding out you shouldn’t use your E-brake around that corner, making sure to gun it a little harder during this straight away. You’ll do the opening few stunts of a scene at least 15 times before you can get to the end of the level. Another problem is the length. With the few hours I’ve put in, I’ve almost unlocked all of the scenes and odd jobs (stunt shows and commercials mainly) you can do. However, there’s a big emphasis on creating your own stunt runs. I haven’t been able to mess around with this feature, but I’ve got to save something for the full review (A full review is most likely going to happen but don’t bet your life on it).

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