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Top 10 Multiplayer Experiences on the Gamecube

… As chosen by Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r, and BurningBaboon! Who needs Xbox Live for multiplayer when there are these awesome games for the Gamecube? It’s probably pretty obvious to you what number one will be, but any Gamecube owner out there should take a look at the rest of the list if they’re looking for some good games to play with friends.

Keep in mind, these are not necessarily “the best” muliplayer experiences the Gamecube has to offer. To write such a list would imply that we have played every multiplayer mode out there on the system, which we definitely have not. Instead, think of this as a list of our favorite games to play multiplayer on.

And with that, let us begin!

#10. Metroid Prime 2


Metroid Prime 2, being my least favorite of the console Prime‘s had something that really made it special – its multiplayer. Similar to Four Swords, it was the first game in the series to include a multiplayer option, and I thought it was great. This being my first multiplayer FPS, with the exception of Banjo-Tooie, I was truly impressed. Up to 4 Samus’s could duke it out on 6 different maps. There were different items and abilities that could be obtained throughtout the match and it was just great. If you ever managed to get 4 people together for this game, it was a guaranteed good time!! (By BurningBaboon)

#9 – Pikmin 2


Pikmin 2 already blew the competition away with its single player adventure, but the multiplayer added something entirely new to the experience. You could either work together in numerous challenges, or fight to against each other in a strategic and wonderfully fast-paced versus mode. Will you fight your way to the opponent’s base and steal their flag (in this case, a marble), or launch a full-scale assault on their army of Pikmin? Either way, it was one of the most unique and fun ways to play Gamecube with a friend. (By Josh60502)

#8 – Mario Party 5


Mario Party 5 not only had the addicting party game formula that was established by its parent games, the older Mario Parties, but with mini games that make the earlier games look like Pong. It didn’t just have great boards, extremely fun minigames, but it also had some simplistic sports games. The fun ones were Beach Volleyball and Ice Hockey. Beach Volleyball has more strategy than you’d expect, with the ability to aim shots. There were also several game variants, like the kind of ball. You can have a dice ball, that can give you multiple points with one point won, or a bomb ball, which explodes after a certain number of points. Ice Hockey is like a hat tip to the NES classic, only with Mario characters. Most of the fun of these modes was seeing what your team name would be called based on your characters. For example, if you chose Koopa Kid and Yoshi, they were called Dino Buddies. (By JustMattPwn3r)

#7 – Mario Kart: Double Dash


Mario Kart: Double Dash, a game in the long running and successful Mario Kart series with a twist! You could play as two players in any of the modes or get a friend to jump in and do some co-op. This gave the game much more multiplayer, as it was not only restricted to Vs. mode and Battle, but also allowed you to have fun in the grind through all of the cups on the different difficulty settings. You could still do the Vs. and Battle modes with your friends, in almost any combination of co-op and by yourself. This game is a nice piece to any Gamecube collection. (By JustMattPwn3r)

#6 – Super Monkey Ball 2


The sheer variety of things you could do in Super Monkey Ball 2 was enough to attract nearly every gamer out there. Of course you could play the game the real way, taking turns in the arcade-style challenges. However, the party games took the real spotlight. You could bowl, play pool, canoe, fly through targets, blast away at enemies in an on-rails shooter, or many other things. Plus, if you didn’t have enough controllers for something, the game supported still multiplayer – you just passed a single controller around instead. Did I mention the main characters are monkeys trapped in clear bubbles? Don’t ask me how, but Sega made it work. (By Josh60502)

#5 – Soul Calibur II


Not having a Dreamcast, I never played the first, but playing the second was a profound moment in my life. This game was incredibly addicting and I don’t even own it – I would always play it at my friend’s house. The matches were short and action packed but game sittings lasted for hours. The many characters and different weapons led to such a high replayability. Also the inclusion of Link really made this game feel like something special. Even a homemade tournament, loser gives it up, is easily made fun. (By BurningBaboon)

#4 – Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2


Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 was a game with some tough odds against it: it was a fighter made after the genre’s glory days, a sequel, and it was licensed. That didn’t stop greatness. The game was pure fan service, from the special moves to the fighting arenas. Like when Rock Lee does his special move on Gaara – if you consider yourself a fan of the show or manga, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. With so many characters and faithfully recreated stages of where major (and minor) fights took place, you could recreate epic struggles fought by major (and minor) characters. (By JustMattPwn3r)

#3The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures


This game was kinda meh in the campaign aspect. Not quite what you would expect from a Zelda game. But something else you wouldn’t expect from a Zelda game is what made this game shine: the multiplayer. Using a Gameboy link cable, you’d control Link on the screen, and when you went into certain areas, the pictures would show on your Gameboy. The 4 player co-op and versus were incredibly fun, and could be played for hours on end. (By BurningBaboon)

#2 – Star Fox Assault


Not every Star Fox fan out there will agree with me, but for this humble writer, Star Fox Assault was one of the few Gamecube games that really provided a great multiplayer everyone could enjoy. The characters may have been unbalanced, but the huge maps, large variety of interesting weapons, and nearly perfectly placed vehicles, this game was an absolute blast to play against one other person, but incredible beyond reason with four players. (By Josh60502)

#1 – Super Smash Bros. Melee


A great game, a piece of gaming mastery. I got this game when I was a young lad, and have loved it ever since. Throughout the whole lifespan of the GCN, this game was there for me, and always fun. The new characters and levels, blew the first Super Smash Bros. out of the water. The replay value was the highest for any game I have ever known. Playing it with friends was wacky, exciting, and fun all together. (By BurningBaboon)


And that wraps it up! What do you think of our list? What are your favorite multiplayer experiences on the Gamecube? All thoughts, comments, and podcast questions (yeah, see what I did there?) are appreciated.

By Josh60502, BurningBaboon, and JustMattPwn3r

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