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Internet Gaming Spotlight: Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer II

Boy Scouts. They are Staggy’s worst nightmare, and when they decide to take a walk through his forest, you’d better believe Staggy won’t be happy.

But you will be. Sick and twisted as this game may be, it is actually a lot of fun. Each round takes place in a different side-scrolling environment, where hoards of Boy Scouts rush towards Staggy (a black armor-wearing Brit) in an attempt to bring him down. Eventually the Boy Scouts get some aid from ninjas and armored warriors, but no one stops Staggy’s unquenchable thirst for blood.

Each kill gives you money, and after a round is finished, there are options to buy more health and weapons. There is a good amount of variety in the weapons selection, including a giant axe, a chainsaw, and a lawnmower. Needless to say, there’s no shortage of gruesome deaths to be seen. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone easily offended. I myself was a Boy Scout once, so if anyone should hate the game it would be me. Yet I know what is serious and what isn’t, and this game is definitely over-the-top just to be entertaining. With a good challenge progression and addictive gameplay, Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer II is quite entertaining, and for that I give it the spotlight.


Rating: (Mature) – Content Warnings: Strong Violence, Strong Gore, Twisted Humor, Intense Action, Blood, Strong Language

Play this game here! WARNING: Mature Content

By Josh60502

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