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Thanks, Oprah. For Nothing. (Or Something?)

I heard today that Oprah was giving away free KFC coupons on her website. Being on the computer but not wanting to do my homework, I thought, “Sure, why not?”


So I go to the website and click the big shiny “PRINT COUPON NOW” button. Uh-oh, I need to download the official coupon printing program so that I can print barcodes (although I’m pret-ty sure I’ve printed barcodes before…). Well, whatever. Five long minutes, multiple freezes, and an internet security setting change later, I’ve installed the coupon printing progam.

Naturally, I try to print the coupon again. But hold on! The printer I’m using is not supported. The site then goes on to give me directions on how to change my default printer to something compatible (irrelevant, as I appear to have a different operating system than what is shown in the directions). Okay, now I should be able to get access to those two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides, and a biscuit. I see a little printing animation thing, and then….

It doesn’t work! It tells me I’ve already printed my limit of coupons! I look at the printer at the side of me. Nothing.

I then go to write this rant to post on the site, and after most of it is done, I try one last time to get the coupon I’d probably never end up using. It works.

Crap. Now there’s really no point to this post, is there? Aw well, I started it, so I might as well finish it.

Get it here.

By Josh60502

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  1. May 11, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    i think it’s safe to say that the KFC brand was hurt at least a little bit due to recent events with their supposedly free grilled chicken

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