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“Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You” Music Review

[Admin’s Note: Everyone, say hello to our newest contributor – iLovPugs. Look to her for all the girly thinks you want to read about.]


Lily Allen’s voice isn’t very loud. She’s not the best singer either. She’s very opinionated, but her voice doesn’t really carry. Her music after a while just gets boring. It all sounds the same. Only “The Fear” and “Back to the Start” are worth listening to.

1. Everyone’s At It – Stating that “everyone’s at it” means that they’re “doing drugs”. The song isn’t a very cheerfull song.


2. The Fear – In this song Lily is saying that she wants to be famous and rich. It is my favorite song on the album. It is also very catchy.


3. Not Fair – Seriously just skip this song. It’s so stupid! It is a very inapropriate song, and I had the clean version of the CD!


4. 22 – Hmm… is Lily Allen having a midlife err – early-life crisis? Maybe she secretly wants a husband and family. Does she think her life is over like the song states?


5. I Could Say – A classic song saying that “now you’re gone I’m out of my cage!” A slower song and definitely a better one.


6. Back to the Start – A fast song but a wonderful one. She’s apologizing for hating someone for no reason. An amazing “frenemy” song.


7. Never Gonna Happen – Yet ANOTHER break up song. It tells some guy “how can I be more obvious?”


8. F*** You – The title says it all. I guess because the person doesn’t think it’s okay to be gay she loathes them. It just shows she’s super close minded. A total skipper.


9. Who’d Have Known – It’s just a little lovely love song like you can believe you’re in love.


10. Chinese – I guess she just wants “to get Chinese and watch TV” with a sweetheart. She’s just a romantic.


11. Him – She’s wondering about what God thinks of everyone. She is kind of twisted, though.


12. He Wasn’t There – A cool old time feel to it. Lilly Allen is saying that she’s glad she kept the guy.


Final Score: 2stars

By iLovPugs

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