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What I’m Looking Forward To

No, I’m not dead, just a combination of being busy and lazy. In all seriousness, one thing that gets me through tough days is thinking what lies ahead (Like Frayed Wire X). I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to those special things that have gotten me through some days where I’ve wanted to kick some people in the nuts. (All comments expressed in this post are strictly satirical and me trying to be funny so don’t take them too seriously. If I offend you, I apologize and please don’t sue me, I don’t have much money.)

The Conduit

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, own a Wii, and you don’t know what this game is, you should be subject to multiple 3rd world country’s tortures.The developers were completely focused on bringing a hardcore shooter to a system that has maybe one hand’s worth. It’ll have an extensive multiplayer suite which will support Wii Speak, pretty graphics, and a BA as a main character, how can you go wrong? I hope I don’t find out. Sure the story’s going to be extremely generic, but if you’re playing a shooter for the story, you most likely also wear a helmet for everyday activities. The release date of this game is pretty soon, around June, so I’d reserve your copy before I buy all of them.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

First things first, don’t ask me the correct way to say the name or what it means, I’m sure in proper JRPG fashion, it’ll be revealed through the game. If you don’t know about this game, that’s OK. It’s not really in the main public eye. It’s sorta between KH 1 and 2, but following the exploits of Roxas and his dealings with Organization XIII. I think the DS is the best platform for the game to be released on. 1) Because I own it and 2) Because of the Wii’s online limitations, the co-op would most likely suck and you wouldn’t be able to talk to your teammates (unless you’re The Conduit). This game is like the others I assume, except you can have 4 Organization members playing together at once. If you have a passing interest in KH, even that makes you excited. I can tell.

Mario and Luigi RPG 3

Being a big fan of the prior two games, there’s no doubt that I’m excited about this. With the game already being released in Japan, that majorlyraised its excitement factor for me. If you’re trying to block out media for this game to not ruin the surprise, I’m not going to say anything about the story, but it’s definitely what the franchise could deal with, but this is one of the more clever set ups and really lends itself to some good puzzles and situations. I’m sure it’s going to have all of the sharp writing and humor that the previous games have had. One thing I think needs rejuvenation is the combat system. It’s plenty deep but, mixing it up a little bit never hurt anyone.

Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

This image has been burned into too many tears of the hardcore, I’m sure Nintendo knows this. If they don’t then they’re the biggest bunch of idiots this side of stamp collecting enthusiasts. Think about it, what does Nintendo have planned that they’d show at E3? Sin and Punishment 2 you say? That’s not E3 material, showing a sequel to a Japan only released game at the main Western gaming expo is like wearing meat into an African savanna, stupid. Just by sheer odds it’s almost impossible it’s going to suck as much as it did last year and the year before, they’re due for a move in the positive direction. They literally have nothing except that and Wii Sports Resort, but that can’t be the whole show. Could it finally be Kid Icarus? Maybe a new Zelda? F-Zero? Star Fox? Metroid? Pikmin? Pilot Wings? Contra? Burger Time (Hey it could happen!)   Mario’s new foray into some strange activity? A new IP we never say coming?  Heck at this point they could be announcing a new console. You can clearly see that the sky’s truly the limit. They have a vast amount of material to pull from and resources to make them happen.I predict lots of Red Steel 2 (which looks pretty beast), their usually horn tooting about how much the Wii’s pwn3ing in the market, Reggie looking as creepy as ever, Miyomoto’s newest project, and (hopefully) minimal casual catering. I’ll be happy as long as I don’t hear about trying to be a cool mom, paradigm shifts, or any game with music in the title.

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