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My Top 5 Favorite Parts of Sony’s E3 09 Press Conference

I do not own a Playstation 3 or a PSP, so out of the big three press conferences, this was the one I could care the least about. Still, there’s usually enough cross-platform stuff being talked about to hold my interest, and it’s always good to see what the other companies are up to. While there were some cross-platform games like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Final Fantasy XIII, the real stars of Sony’s show were the company’s first party efforts, just as I predicted. Surprisingly, no PS3 price drop was announced, but I think they showed off the PS3 well enough to make people want to buy one at the price it’s at. Here are my top five favorite moments from Sony’s press conference:

#5. New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

I’ve never actually played a real Final Fantasy RPG, but I intend to make XIII my first one. The trailer shown off was enough to keep me interested in the title.

#4. Mod Nation Racers

I was impressed by the creation tools in this kart racing game… it follows the “Play, Create, Share” concept of LittleBigPlanet, but this seems a lot easier to use. Could be very interesting.

#3. The Last Guardian Trailer

It may be a PS3 exclusive, but I enjoyed the trailer of this game by Team Ico nonetheless. It reminds me of all those great Studio Ghibli anime films, though I’m not entirely sure why. Looks like a beautiful and well-thought-out game.

#2. Playstation Eye Motion Controls

Move over, Nintendo. With both this and Microsoft’s Project Natal, it’s obvious that Nintendo is falling far behind the competition in terms of motion control. The controllers used in the tech demos onstage seemed to consist of one button and a giant colored ball on top of the controller. The Playstation Eye appeared to track the ball’s movements on a 1:1 level, something that Nintendo has failed to sucessfully do on the Wii for years… this thing could be big.

#1. Uncharted 2

Not God of War III? Yeah… that looks alright, but God of War III‘s demo didn’t impress me nearly as much as Uncharted 2‘s did. The intensity of the game was incredible, with helicopters chasing the main characters, buildings toppling to the ground while they were inside, and the amazing graphics holding up all the way through. From what I can tell, Uncharted 2 has a great cinematic feel to it, but still keeps that feeling of being a game. Great stuff.

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  1. June 3, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    I agree that Sony’s Eye was one of the coolest things at E3, and I was quite impressed. But just remember that Nintendo successfully found a way of capturing movement on a 1:1 level almost a year ago, with the Wii Motion Plus. In fact, those were their exact words with which they described it at the time.

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