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“30% of Debt Paid”


So I started a new save in Pikmin 2 for the Gamecube today. It’s been a while since I played that game, and even longer since I played it by myself (the multiplayer is one of the main reasons to go back to it; if you remember, it made our “Top 10 Multiplayer Experiences” list). The point of the game is to collect enough treasure as both Olimar and Louie to pay off your company’s huge debt. You collect the treasure on a far-off planet inhabited with pikmin, which are small, colorful, and ultimately expendable creatures that will do whatever you tell them to. Some pikmin have special abilities, such as immunities to fire, electricity, etc. or extra weight and strength. Pikmin 2 would best be described as a strategy-action game, but it’s so original that it’s hard to fit it into a genre.

I played it for a couple of hours today and apparently already have 30% of the debt paid off, as a big shiny message told me so when I reached that milestone. I don’t exactly remember how long it was when I first played through it, but I know there’s more to do after you pay off the debt. I’m just surprised I’ve gotten so far already… who knows if I’ll actually go through the entire game again, but for today at least, it wasn’t a bad choice.

As a game for those long summer afternoons, Pikmin 2 has got to be one of the best you’ll find on the Gamecube. If you own it already, try it again sometime. If not, you can probably find it for a good price on the “used” shelves of your local Gamestop.

By Josh60502

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