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“1 vs 100” Beta Impressions


At Microsoft’s 2008 E3 press conference, one of the company’s main focuses was making the Xbox 360 into an all-purpose entertainment device, and one of the ways they were going to do so was with “Xbox Live Primetime”. Blurring the lines between television and video games, Primetime was an ambitious idea. Now, about a year later, the beta for 1 vs 100, the first of the Primetime titles, has opened to the public. The beta has been around for a few weeks now, and after several sessions with it I think I can write about it with some good insight.

Primetime games are only open to be played a handful of times each day. That not only gives them the feeling of a TV show, but it also makes sure that there won’t be any sessions without players. Each game of 1 vs 100 lasts for half an hour, with the next one usually starting soon after.

Every so often there is a game with a live host, and that one actually follows the real rules of the show. There is “the one”, “the mob”, and apparently real prizes given out. I’ve never played one of these games, so my beta impressions are limited to the general trivia sessions, which are much more common.

1 vs 100 is, at its heart, a simple trivia game. A question is given, three choices are shown, and points are awarded to those who answer correctly. Bonus points are awarded for speed in answering the questions, getting a streak of correct answers, and through the “mob knockout” after every question. The name “mob knockout” implies that some people will be eliminated, but the truth is that the people who answer the question wrong do not get the same bonus everyone who answered right get. The bonus is the percentage of incorrect answers out of the 100 real players, divided down into a more fair score.

Although there are 100 people in each game (multiple games go on at once to accommodate the thousands of players), you really only feel like you are playing against three others. Everyone who enters a game is put into a group of four, and during the half hour you can see their answers to the questions, their scores, and their avatar’s expressions. The game is fine when you are playing alone and get matched with three strangers, but the most fun I had with 1 vs 100 was when I was playing with my friends and we were all talking with each other.

The questions I’ve answered in the beta where well made. It’s clear they were written to challenge people (all the eight year olds playing Halo won’t want to bother trying), but more often than not there are obviously wrong answers to choose from to help struggling people out. Adults can enjoy the trivia just as much as high schoolers, which I’m glad to see.

There are a few things I don’t like about the game. First, the game could move at a little quicker pace. It’s fine now, but I don’t want to see the unintentionally laughable expressions of every avatar in my group after every question. Also, joining a friend’s match could be smoothed out a bit more. The biggest problem though, is the fact that there is no way you’ll win if you join a game part way through. Your opponents can rack up such a high score in just a few questions that anybody joining in after the game has begun has no hope of catching up. I don’t see how this problem can be fixed, so this will probably carry over into the final version. I guess people just have to make sure they start their game on time.

I think 1 vs 100 is a worthwhile beta that everyone with a gold Xbox Live membership should try out, and it’s got me looking forward to the next addition to Xbox Live Primetime’s lineup.

By Josh60502

  1. June 22, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    well if u join a game in progress u can still catch up no matter wat if not u gotta b a dumbass but o well u garbage

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