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“Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2” Xbox 360 Review


While I have always planned to write about the second map pack for Call of Duty: World at War, I didn’t originally plan to review it – rather, I was thinking of giving some impressions about the pack. But now that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time gunning people and zombies alike in the different locations it offers, I think a full, scored review is what I should write.

If you’re a big COD: WAW fan, you have probably already bought this map pack – unless you own the Wii version, in which case it’s about time you bought a real console (burn!). However, I’m sure there’s a few undecided people out there who can’t decide whether or not three maps and a Zombie level are worth ten dollars. And so, this review is for you guys.

I’ll start off with the three maps. Corrosion was the first one I played at, so why not start there? If you’re a fan of small, tightly packed areas like Dome, you’ll find plenty to like about Corrosion. There are few ways to enter the main building. While the doorways are the most conventional, they may not always be the best, as smart players can set up bouncing betties or camp right outside them. Luckily, an alternative entrance is available in the form of a pipe that leads up the side of the building and opens up to the second floor of the building. The second floor is little more than a walkway that can allow those standing on it a good angle to shoot enemies walking below, but it can also make you more vulnerable if you don’t watch all sides below. Out of the three maps, Corrosion is my favorite. I like how its small size means you can quickly find enemies, even if that also means I’ll be getting shot up a lot more often as well.

Sub Pens is a medium-sized map with both open areas for massive fire fights and smaller hallways allowing players to sneak up on each other. The main open area is smack dab in the middle, on a path that connects the two sides of the map. Both a parked airplane and docked submarine are located in the middle, and some cover can be found once you step inside the submarine and hide behind the walls. Inside the submarine is a great place for bouncing betties, but don’t be surprised if you get killed while trying to set one up. This map takes a little more strategy than Corrosion, but it’s still easy to rack up a high kill count if you know what you’re doing.

By far the largest map out of the three is Banzai, which is home to a large bridge and a stunning waterfall. It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of the Japanese jungle, but it’s also hard not to get sniped by players sitting in one of the many ideal places for doing so. While laying at the end of the long central bridge can get skilled snipers a fair share of kills, it’s the river below the bridge and the caves behind the waterfall that offer the most interesting battlegrounds. I tend to rush into fights instead of taking my time, so as a result, I die a lot on this map. For those who don’t mind waiting a bit for their next target, Banzai is a decent place to practice long distance kills.

Watch the above video for some gameplay footage at Banzai and Corrosion

The Zombie mode of COD: WAW has gotten very popular since the time I first reviewed the game and noted that “this mode hasn’t really caught on with the general playerbase of COD: WAW.” Needless to say, if I reviewed the game today, I would not say anything like that at all. And so, because of the mode’s growing popularity, people have come to expect lots from each new Zombie map. Shi No Numa (or “Zombie Swamp”) delivers a noticeably different experience from the first two levels, which is exactly what it needed to keep Zombies feeling fresh.

The thing that sets Shi No Numa apart is the element of teamwork that is required to go far in it. Depending on whether or not you are working together with the other team members, Shi No Numa is either the hardest Zombie map or the easiest. The first few times I played Shi No Numa online with strangers, we didn’t get very far at all. It wasn’t until I went through it with some friends and used my headset that we were getting our game lengths to around half an hour every time.

Spending half an hour at one map may get tiresome and boring if you’re playing on either of the first two Zombie maps, but on Shi No Numa, there’s always somewhere new to go. This is due mostly in part to the fact that the mystery box changes locations much more frequently than on Zombie Verruckt. When a player opens the box and finds a teddy bear instead of a weapon, the box stops working and gets transported to a new spot. Most of time, this will cause the team of players to move to the next box location until a teddy is found again. As the match progresses, the box travels through each of the four huts that branch off from the main structure rising out of the Japanese swamp. These huts consist of a perk machine, a window or two in the back, and the main doorway in front where the majority of zombies pass through. With four players and a little communication, it’s not too hard to easily survive wave after wave if you assign two people to the front entrance and two to guard the back windows. Of course, it doesn’t stay easy forever; zombies get faster, tougher, and come in greater numbers as the rounds pass by. Occasionally, you’ll face an entire round of hell hounds. It’s essential to work with your team when they appear, or the overgrown zombie dogs will take you out in no time. The hell hound rounds are made a little easier with the addition of a new gun: the Wunderwaffe DG-2 (or, as many people online have come to call it, the “Waffle Maker”). This fictional weapon shoots a bolt of lighting that can destroy multiple targets in one shot. It’s a worthy addition, but I see people replace it often when they open up the mystery box looking for a new gun.

Achievements/trophies have finally been added to Zombie mode, and they can only be attained through Shi No Numa. Luckily most of them fall under the “you have to be good to get them” side of things, as opposed to challenges only deliberate farming would achieve. Maybe the “kill only one zombie with a nuke” achievement is a little in the farmable category, but the rest, which include “survive 15 rounds without going down once” and “have all four perks at one time” require some skill to get.

As happy as I am that there are now Zombie achievements, the few problems I have always had with COD: WAW‘s Zombie mode remain unchanged: no XP of any sort can be earned through the mode, the game starts off way too slow, and there is no way to choose to start on a later round or retry a round once everyone goes down. I’d like to think those problems will get addressed in the next map pack, but in all likelihood that’s how it will always be.

That won’t stop me from wanting to buy the next map pack, however. If Treyarch continues to release DLC of this quality for COD: WAW, I’ll be happy to join the millions of others who will gladly pay for some more well-made maps.

Pros: Good variety of map sizes/play styles required for each, all three maps are graphically detailed and fun to play at, Shi No Numa adds an element of necessary teamwork to Zombies mode that hasn’t been seen before, new achievements

Cons: $10 seems a tad expensive, Banzai isn’t my favorite map in the world, Shi No Numa keeps all the nagging faults Zombie mode has always had

Final Score: 9.1 out of 10

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