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I Touch the iTouch

And by “touch”, I mean, “own”.

Yesterday I walked into a Best Buy without any intention of buying anything and left with a shiny new 16 GB iTouch. You see, my dad wanted to buy an iPod Nano for himself, but I suggested that I could sell him my Nano and upgrade to an iTouch for just $100.

So far I’m happy with my purchase. I’ve downloaded quite a few free apps and purchased an iTunes card at Walmart today so that I can get some of the cooler apps with price tags on them. For all of the $1 games I’ve been buying, I see reviews people have put up on the store talking about how angry they are about the current sale because they bought the game at $6-$10. It kind of makes me hesitate to spend more than a dollar on any app, because you never know when the price will suddenly drop. For example, the recently released Doom: Resurrection looks pretty cool, but there’s no way I’m going to spend $10 on it when it’s pretty much guaranteed to drop in price before too long. The only thing I wonder now is, “How low must an app price be before I consider it cheap enough to buy?” Not everything will drop to $1 eventually, so I suppose I just have to do some guesswork in terms of deciding when a price is right.

Also, I may be starting a Twitter account soon. How many of you readers have Twitter accounts? If a lot do, I might even consider starting a Frayed Wire Twitter page, but I probably won’t unless I know some people will be following it.

Being the gamer that I am, I’m sure I’ll be playing a lot of iTouch games and game trials, so look forward to a few iPhone/Touch game posts in the future. I’ve also found a lot of interesting apps, so I will probably talk about some of them too. In other words, a whole new side of Frayed Wire is soon to come!

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