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Top 5 Games Best Supported With DLC

In this gaming generation of online play and downloadable content everywhere, more and more developers are supporting their games after launch with patches, updates, and add-on packs. But which games are supported the best after launch? In my opinion, here are the top five:

#5. Halo 3


“Fiery Depths” by jEEborz – one of the many pieces of content in Bungie Favorites this week

True, Halo 3, the game practically every Xbox 360 owner has, does not get downloadable packs constantly like some of the other games on this list, but what it does get is some phenomenal support by its developer, Bungie. Every week players can press start while searching for games in the always popular online matchmaking and see “Bungie Favorites”, a list of recommended screenshots, videos, game variants, and map variants that the community produced. There’s almost always something interesting to be seen, or a cool map to mess around in with your friends for free each week.

#4. Fallout 3

fallout 3 the pitt

“The Pitt”, pictured here, is one of five downloadable packs in Fallout 3

If any game is making people see that DLC packs are the future, it’s Bethesda’s Fallout 3. Not only has Bethesda made one of the largest and most well-received RPGs of this generation, but they have made some of the biggest and best $10 level/quest packs ever seen in video games. If you liked Fallout 3, there’s still a lot more reason to come back to the game with four packs out already and a fifth one on the way.

#3. Burnout Paradise

Big Surf Island 2

“Big Surf Island” is a massive expansion to Burnout Paradise‘s already massive world

Usually when developers finish making a game, they start right away on their next one. In Criterion Games’ case, they’ve spent about as much time tweaking and adding to Burnout Paradise as some companies take developing full retail games. The love they have for their community is astounding, and the great thing is that the majority of their extensive additions to the game are free (with the exception of some awesome cars and the enormous Big Surf Island).

#2. Team Fortress 2


That shiny gun is courtesy of one of Valve‘s nine free updates to Team Fortress 2

Valve, the developer of this superb FPS, has promised updates for each of the game’s nine classes. There’s only a few left to go, and I think everyone can agree that getting free updates with new game modes, maps, achievements, and weapons that can completely alter people’s strategies every couple of months is way better than waiting years for a Team Fortress 3.

#1. Rock Band


If you’ve got the money to buy some songs, expect to be playing Rock Band for a long, long time

Name a band. Any semi-well known band. Chances are, that band has at least one song in Harmonix’s extremely large Rock Band music library. Although there is a Rock Band 2, I chose to put Rock Band 1 at the top of this list just because all of the weekly song additions are compatible with both games, meaning the first one has been supported longer. By the looks of it, the avalanche of new songs coming to Rock Band every week is not slowing down any time soon, and with hundreds and hundreds of songs already available to download, there’s no question that Harmonix’s masterpiece is the best game supported with DLC.

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