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Into the Dark World of Half Life 2 Mods


The great thing about Half Life 2, besides the outstanding game itself of course, is the fact that so many free mods for it exist out there. Today I tried my very first one: a comedy-oriented single player adventure called Day Hard. Being somewhat of a noob when it comes to moving folders around behind the scenes and placing certain files in certain places to get mods to work, I enlisted the help of Tamama and eventually got the game running.

Day Hard starts off with Gordon Freeman’s brother, Morgan Freeman, escaping his apartment from a combine attack. Little direction is given as to how one should go about escaping said apartment, but with a combination of going down staircases and jumping across window ledges, I made my way to level two. Then, with some effort, I had to take down a large group of enemies with rocket launchers and grenades. Partway through the second level some useless AI-controlled partners showed up and wouldn’t stop saying things like “Behind you!” or “Here, take some ammo” (without actually giving me any ammo, of course). After some guy told me to go to a hotel and bring him something, I traveled to the hotel and went through a surprisingly creepy and well-made haunted house. As it turns out, after getting locked in elevators, set on fire, flushed down a giant toilet, and hit by a train, all I needed to get was a teddy bear.

If you can’t already tell, the game makes no sense. But that’s okay… kind of. I wish the levels had a clearer sense of direction and they weren’t as brutally difficult. The voice overs aren’t too impressive either, as they seem to be the same short lines repeated over and over. I was hoping for some actual dialogue, but apparently I’ll need to look to other mods for that.

I feel like I’ve played enough of it to make the download worth my time, so I might not return to it again. If I ever do actually finish it, you can most likely expect a Frayed Wire review. Also, If any of the readers know any Half Life 2 mods worth my time, feel free to tell me about them in the comments.

Download Day Hard here!

By Josh60502

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