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“Marvel vs. Capcom 2” Demo Impressions


Yeah… Ryu isn’t my favorite either…

Xbox Live’s “Summer of Arcade” promotion has five games in its lineup, with one released each week. While most people are looking forward to Shadow Complex the most, I have been eagerly anticipating the port of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 above the rest. Don’t ask me why, because I’m not exactly sure myself. I had never played MvC 2 before, don’t read comic books, and I’ve never been real devoted to Street Fighter 2. I guess that playing a little Soul Calibur IV lately has gotten me interested in fighting games, and MvC 2 is supposedly one of the best.

Firing up the trial, I expected a small selection of the game’s massive 50+ character roster, local multiplayer with those few fighters, and a short snippet of the Arcade Mode. While I was right about the first two things, there was no single-player content to be seen. A surprising and dumb move by Capcom. I know the main focus of the game is multiplayer, but really? I can imagine many people giving this trial a shot out of curiosity, seeing that it is multiplayer only and not having someone over at the time, and then ending the trial telling themselves they’ll try it again when someone is over at their house when in reality they forget all about it and eventually delete the space waster. (What a run on sentence!)

Second person or not, I wanted to give the game a go, so I turned on my second controller and was led to a sign in screen. I scrolled through the choices and looked for a guest option but couldn’t find one. Apparently, you not only must have a second controller but also a second Gamertag to try this demo. Could they have made it any harder for people to test out the game? It’s like Capcom doesn’t want anyone to play it!

Shaking my head and making a mental note of the annoyance for my then-future blog post, I signed the second controller in and proceeded to the character selection screen. Six fighters were available – three from Marvel and three from Capcom, I assume (don’t ask me who some of those people were). After picking out three people on both controllers, the match began. Well, if you could really call it a match. All I planned on doing was pressing buttons and figuring out combos, to see if the game “felt right”. Soulcalibur IV? Feels right. Street Fighter 2? Doesn’t feel right. A combination of how far attacks reach and how easy they are to pull off determines whether a fighting game “feels right” to me, and therefore whether I can imagine myself getting into it. Somewhat surprisingly, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 struck a good chord with me. The attacks reached far, looked cool, and it wasn’t completely hard to figure out how to do a few useful combos. Looking good so far. I tried all the characters and found myself satisfied with everyone except for Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2. Aw well, I was kind of expecting that.

I wouldn’t be writing this impressions post if all I did was mess around by myself in a two player match. No, of course I tried out the game with JoeWillBeatJohn when he came over later that day. He’s not all that experienced with fighting games, but we were still able to play a few somewhat decent matches. By the time we turned it off and moved on to beating Call of Duty: World at War levels on Veteran difficulty and going after other achievements, I had made up my mind about Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I was going to buy it. Sure, I would have preferred to try some single player matches, but my limited experience with the zany and satisfying characters was mostly positive. I’ve been looking for a game to itch my fighting game craving, and this is certianly cheaper than looking into the supposedly excellent BlazBlue. I’ll probably lose horribly online for a while, but at least I think I can be certian that this game will have a strong online community to support it long after launch. Consider me sold.

By Josh60502


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