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I’m Changing Things Up A Bit With Free App Spotlights

There has only been one “Free App Spotlight” post so far, and while at that time I said “there’s no point in reviewing free iTouch/iPhone apps”, I have come to change my mind. The main reasoning behind my previous stand was that even if the app turns out to be bad, you haven’t wasted any money in downloading it. If people have no monetary loss for downloading these applications, why should I assign scores to them? It’s not as if recommending or not recommending them while make that huge of a difference, because if people have the interest in downloading these no-penalty apps, they’ll do it on a whim.

After some thinking, I have decided that there is in fact a penalty for downloading free apps. The storage space on the device containing them as well as the time people spend using them. Who wants to waste time/space on bad apps? How should they know how good or bad some of the thousands of free apps are? Read the one sentence reviews by middle school-aged kids? Not if Frayed Wire has anything to do about it!

However, with free apps I will use the same “out of 5 stars” system that we use with music. The main point to these free app reviews will not be “how exactly good/bad is it”, but more of a “is it worth your time or not” affair. As a result, I do not feel a complicated “out of 10” system is necessary. And with that, here is the general statement assigned to each of the five ratings, with half stars obviously falling somewhere in the middle of whatever it is sandwiched by:

0stars Don’t even look at the info screen. A waste of everything it can possibly be a waste of.

1stars Horrible. It’s tough to imagine anybody finding anything useful with this app.

2stars Bad. Maybe some mild enjoyment can be had by a few people, but this app won’t stay on most peoples’ device for long.

3stars Good. It’s a fine app that some people may like, but it isn’t for everyone or it isn’t made as well as it should be.

4stars Great. A very good app that many people can find use out of.

5stars Must Download. Practically everyone with an iTouch or iPhone will love this app. Even if you are one of the very few who doesn’t think it’s incredible, it’s definitely worth a download.

Also, I will go back to my Vampires Live spotlight post and assign a score to it. Tomorrow the first free app review written with this system in place will appear on the site as well. All those with either of the two compatible devices might want to look into Shotgun Free tonight and read my thoughts tomorrow.

By Josh60502

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