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Steve Jobs, I Hope You’re Happy

Today I spent five cents short of $10 on the 3.0 firmware for my second-generation iTouch. Several reasons led to this decision, and while none of them really were big enough to justify the price on their own (Oh, who am I kidding? All of them combined don’t justify the ridiculous price!), they were numerous enough to make me give in to the tyranny of Apple:

1. I won a download code for a game called Mathogen from a blog, but when I went to put it on my iPod, I found out that the game required 3.0 to run. I wasn’t going to let that $3 game go unplayed!

2. Landscape keyboard support in Notes.

3. Faster load times in Safari (and yes, they are indeed faster now).

4. Being ready for the inevitible wave of 3.0-only applications.

5. The fact that JoeWillBeatJohn has it.

6. The WordPress app, which I am using right now to write this post. It seems to be a very stripped down version of the real thing; and with no way to easily italicize, bold, underline, or add hyperlinks to text without using html code, I’m going to have to either learn that code or just save the drafts I write on my iPod and later edit them on the computer. But you know what, I’ll post this one with the iPod and I’ll see later how it turns out.

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