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Paranormal Activity Review

Paranormal_Activity_poster The horror genre of movies has seen a bit of a downslide recently. It has been abundantly clear as of late that horror movies are just not made without gratuitous amounts of gore and cheap scares. It is rare that a truly terrifying horror movie comes out to keep you awake without making horrifying creatures jump at the screen continuously.

Paranormal Activity is likely one the lowest budget films to hit theaters this year. It began and is still on a limited release, but this has not stopped it from transcending movies and making truly fear what you can’t see. The film follows a young couple who have recently moved in together as they encounter horrid and evil happenings in their new house. The girlfriend, Katie, has been plagued with this since childhood and her beau, Micah, finds this fascinating. He takes to document all of the paranormal activity with his camera equipment which serves as the viewpoint of the movie. This however, serves as my one picky complaint about the movie: it is presented as if they are home videos which were collected and compiled into this movie, but it still feels like a movie. One or two plot-points seem a bit too unrealistic to swallow; such as the inability to find another demonologist when the first one is out of town. However this small gripe should not detract from your enjoyment of the movie and some did not become apparent until the second time I watched it.

The characters are well rounded and believable, making their tale that much more frightening. They act and interact in realistic ways that will make you chuckle at points and sigh at others. The mocking attitude of Micah as he taunts the spirit is worth a few good laughs to break up the tension and the little squabbles that the couple has is easily relatable to real life. Most people can relate in some way to one of the characters’ behaviors, creating an unheard of level of immersion.

The scares in Paranormal Activity are more of a long-term commitment. There are only a handful of moments that will make you jump or scream, although it will make your jaw drop and spine shiver throughout. Violence is minimal and gore is practically nonexistent, but the terrorizing that the malevolent spirit does to the couple is affecting. Even the small occurrences will cause a loss of sleep as the story is told so convincingly, every viewer must ponder what they would do were they placed in this situation. You’ll leave questioning the lack of outright scares but still sleep with your lights on and double check your doors.

In closing, Paranormal Activity is an expertly crafted horror movie as well as simply an outstanding film. This rare gem should not be missed by any, horror fan or not. This is the horror film of the decade and should be celebrated for years to come.

Score: 9.5/10

By LostAddict1993

Author’s Note: Paranormal Activity is currently on a limited release so be sure to check with your local theater before rushing out to see it.

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  1. October 19, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    I don’t watch many horror movies, but it sounds like I’ll have to at least get this from Netflix once it comes out on DVD. Everyone I know who has seen it says it’s great.

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